Your idea is worth more than a pizza

Your idea is worth more than a pizza

You can’t finish your pizza! You refrigerate it and finish it the next day. Because you paid for it.

You don’t like working late! You heave and sigh and curse and blame all those around but will finish those reports. Because you wish to get into the good books of your boss, get that next raise or promotion.

You have an idea for a book! You start writing, then give up half-way or even before that. Because you have ‘no time’, ‘it’s not a priority’, ‘it’s hard work’, ‘there’s no validation’, ‘no guarantee when you will break even’…[add your own excuses here ]


In the first and second situations, unlike the 3rd, you persist because you either invested in it or you see a reward or feel the need for validation.

Here’s the truth…

The satisfaction of having that pizza will last for a few hours. Your run for the raise or promotion will last until someone else better than you shows up.


The satisfaction, the result of realizing a book will last even after your lifetime.

An idea needs no investment. The idea that comes to you for a book comes FREE.

That idea, when nurtured, will impact, influence and inspire people beyond your mind can fathom.

The effort you put in to develop that idea will be your ‘GIVING BACK’ to your family, or your friends, or your industry or to the wider world.

One other thing…

IDEAS choose you. It’s not the other way round.

You are Blessed to be the CHOSEN ONE.

It’s a chance the Universe is giving you to leave your fingerprint. It’s an opportunity the Universe is giving you to contribute your knowledge and share your wisdom.

Next time you reach for that left-over pizza, pay attention to that archived idea. At least for the few minutes you take to chew and wash down that pizza.

Ideas take better shape on a full stomach 

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