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My Story

About Nisha Sanjeev

Does my story read like yours?

I was a successful Journalist with a vibrant social life!
But… I was always anxious and unwell. I felt empty deep within. I knew something was missing but didn’t know what it was.

Yet for the outside world my life was perfect. My friends said I had it all. I was called to offer advice to teenagers. Women considered me their role model.
I had a Masters in Journalism, worked in reputed media organizations in India and Dubai, accelerated my career with promotions and salary hikes at regular pace; became a wife, a mother; travelled with family… The picture on paper was impeccable.

But… I was battling crippling lack of self-esteem and confidence.

As a teenager I wasted five years studying subjects I disliked because I never had the courage to say I made the wrong choice. I was ultra-self-conscious, as I was body-shamed for being flat chested. Later as an adult, I took up jobs that I never resonated with because I had to pay the bills. I was silent every time I was made a scapegoat at workplaces because I was afraid of losing my job. I visited my molester who abused me as a teenager because I felt obliged to maintain family protocol…

For nearly two decades, all I did was serve at day jobs and return home to eat and sleep.

During this time, I also had narcissists as friends and could not tell them off.

I was also suffering from terrible guilt because I wasn’t there for my girl during her toddler years.

I hated myself, for not having the courage to be Me, to such an extent that I perpetually sulked and exploded at the slightest of triggers, so much so my daughter began calling me ‘grumpy mom’; the husband helplessly pleading to know the reason for my anger.

How can I forget my constant companion of those days! I suffered chronic back pain for about 16 years. If my orthopedist warned me that I’d be wheel-chair-bound within years, the Ayurvedic physician assured me there was no cure as my ‘spine was curved’.

And then, one day in 2013, I decided to enroll for Divine Healing Course! My soul-searching journey began thus, and I eventually discovered the REAL ME.

One at a time, I cleared my emotional blocks, and I started to LIVE. Magically, narcissists disappeared from my life, my back pain was cured, I got back to writing.

It took me 22 years of my adult life to start LOVING MYSELF and understanding I AM ENOUGH.

So I quit mainstream journalism in 2016, after long 20+years,  and armed myself with the skills to help professionals and businesses use  words to walk their purpose. I trained to be a Divine Healing Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant and followed experts in quantum physics and launched my own signature Practical Spirituality programs.

In 2018, I set up Purpose Path – a platform to help business & professionals use words to create an impact and thrive in life.

I have guided 15 professionals become authors. Meanwhile, I have published 3 books, with the latest being an Amazon best-seller.

Purpose Path offers 3 Book Coaching Programs.

They are uniquely designed because they include personal development tools in book writing courses. When you enroll for a 1-1 book writing program you not only get your book at the end of 5 months but also clear your limiting blocks and evolve as a person.

I want to tell you that you are enough, and all your desires are meant to be.

You deserve to live an abundant and extraordinary life.


A few more facts you may find interesting about me…

I get anxious if my home is not clean and tidy

It’s almost an obsession and I am working on it. Now I am okay with mopping on alternate days.

I cannot read one book at a time

I read every day. Else, I feel my day is incomplete. But I cannot read one book cover to cover. Half-way through, I pick up another book and then return to finish my earlier one 😊

I have never ever walked in heels

I did buy some in my previous avatar when I thought external appearance was all that mattered. Just as much as trying them on got me wobbly. Eventually, I gave them away. 😊

I am still the newspaper girl

I do follow News on gadgets, but I get restless if I don’t open and feel the newspaper every day 😊

I am not a fan of numbers

So much so, every time I’m asked my age, I pause, recollect my year of birth and count on my fingers 😊

I am directionally challenged

Routes to me are what words are to the severely dyslexic 😊

I do not like cooking everyday

I’m a lousy cook. Cooking, for me, is the most tedious of jobs. Planning breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 consecutive days gets me exhausted 😊

I love to share the power of experience on stage

I regularly share my story and importance of discovering our real selves. I believe in order to help transform people, you need to have the experience and that is why my coaching and workshops have experiences at their heart 😊