Your eating habits reveal your book type… Take the test

Your eating habits reveal your book type… Take the test

How you eat, what you eat and how much… reveal your book type.


That’s for you to decide 😊

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One of my friends has a home-bar. Neatly arranged bottles of all sizes in fancy shapes from old to oldest. Chic furniture, lights and glasses to boot!

But she doesn’t drink.

She also has a great home-library – neatly arranged books in order of their height and thickness and categorized in genres.

But she doesn’t read.

She is an extreme case.

But most people who buy books, do not read them ‘ALL’. Or at least do not read them at once or immediately.

It’s something similar to one’s eating habit…

o  Are you the type who feels obliged to try everything on the menu because others are doing so 😊

[Do you go to a bookstore or fair and pick up books from all genres because you see the crowd going berserk]

o    Are you the type who piles everything on the plate because you don’t want to miss the opportunity 😊and then leave half the food on the plate

[Do you pick up books because it’s affordable at a fair or is on sale even when it doesn’t pique your interest?]

o   Are you the type who cannot refuse when others recommend a dish only to find yourself holding it because you just cannot swallow a morsel of it 😊

[Do you buy books because your friend/s or someone you look up to raved about them and then you can’t get past the first chapter of any of them]

o   Are you the type to ‘force-attempt’ gourmet food for Insta pixs 😊

[Do you buy books for social media proof]

o Are you the type to go to one particular restaurant and order the same food because you believe only that that suits your tummy😊

[Do you have a book by the bedside to ‘treat’ insomnia? You pick up that book so you can fall asleep]

PS: As for why most people do not read every book they buy… will share in the next newsletter on Friday – July 15… watch this space!

Meanwhile, share this fun test with your family, friends & colleagues

And share your type/s 😊

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