You write with your eyes… not hands

You write with your eyes… not hands

We write with our eyes, not hands.

Yes, you read it right. And I am not crazy.

We write with the help of, not two, three eyes!!!

Read that again.

We can only write what we see – either with open eyes or closed eyes.

I am not talking about the two organs called eyes on our face. But the lens within each of those – that we use to perceive the world around us.

And our third eye that we use to see those things which we can’t touch, smell or taste.

Read if you want to write. Read more if you want to write more.

As you read, you imagine, perceive and form opinions, which you later translate into your writing.

If your eyes see only schemers and backstabbers, your writing will exude that.

If your eyes see people who are optimistic, helpful, loving and tolerant, your writings will exude that.

More importantly, do not close your eyes on anything.

People who call themselves ‘spiritual’ profess that you stay away from ‘the News’.

I practice spirituality. But I do watch and read ‘the News’.

Every time I watch or read the News, I am practicing the art of being an observer and not an absorber.

[More on this in another piece for another time]

The News gives me a lot of fodder to write about. My worldviews vis-à-vis what’s happening currently in the world, is but just a beginning.

‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’ – a proverb that holds a universe [literally] within it. This proverb has been doing the rounds since mid-1500s.

It has been attributed to the Bible and to Shakespeare. The exact origin is not known.

If you wish to be a great creative writer, look into the eyes of people when you interact with them. That will help you develop intricate characters with layers and textures for your work.

Eyes can reveal things the body seeks to hide.

Eyes can say a million things that the voice can’t express.

Open eyes can raise you from being a good writer to a great writer!

If you find this inspiring, share this with those who abstain from the real world in the name of spirituality.

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