You don’t need a smartwatch to write

You don’t need a smartwatch to write

One of my friends has been wanting to write her memoir for the last decade. Every time I ask her, she gives a reason and makes it sound compelling enough for me not to prod further.

I noticed a trend in her excuses, though. It always ended with, “You see, I’ve no time.”

During this ‘busy, packed’ decade, she found time to eat, sleep and shower.

During this ‘busy no-breathing-space’ decade, she found time to travel, watch movies, and socialize.

I suggested she find 10 minutes every day for the next two days to write.

“Set an alarm for only 10 minutes and write anything that comes to mind.”

“That reminds me,” she said, “I need to exchange my smartwatch. It’s in the guarantee period. It doesn’t ring loud.”

“Your mobile will do. You don’t need a smart watch for this,” I chipped in.

Next time you give excuses not to write, be smart, get creative in your excuse 😊

For all those of you who DO NOT HAVE TIME to write, here’s the solution.

Every day, beginning today, set your alarm for 10 minutes.

When the alarm goes, stop everything else you are doing and write – be it on paper or your gadget. Don’t plan anything in advance. If a thought comes to your mind, well and good. Don’t sweat it out.

Write what you feel. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling now.” Start with this question and write till the alarm goes off after 10 minutes.

Do this exercise for 7 days.

At the end of the week compile everything you have written and publish it on your blog or social media, with the title – “My emotional ride this week!”

You are published! Woo-ho!! Without monetary investment. Without effort. Without  research.

You have crossed the first hurdle.

You have gotten a taste of DISCIPLINE – the most important pillar to becoming a published writer.

Oh yes! Use your smartwatch if that gives you the ease of keeping track of time 😊

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