You do things in your own time and space

January 10, 2012
Things will move in its own time and space. I was never a believer of this statement even as I devoured every line written by Louise l Hay.
With the dawn of 2012 I began to realise what it means.
My dream, the seed of which was sown inside me during teenage, lay in incubation for a good two decades. Did I nurture it? Honestly, not as much I would have loved to.
But it did germinate. It raised its tiny head two years back. Initially I felt it subtly. Then as it prodded and pushed me to breathe in air, I felt an ache that soon developed into a pain that I could not ignore.
That’s when I picked it up and held it close. Am I guilty of being irresponsible? Well, not at all. Here’s the reason why…
My little princess (that’s what I call my daughter, who is my best critic) made a profound statement recently as we watched an interview of a fashion designer on TV. A NIFT graduate, she worked for four years in the corporate world before opening a boutique to pursue her chosen career.
I said, “What a fool. She wasted four years. Had she started designing right after graduation, she would have been established long ago.”
My daughter replied, “How can you call her a fool? She might have thought of helping her parents with money. Now she might be settled, that’s why she’s doing what she learnt.”
Coming from a 10-year-old, I was impressed. Soon came the next salvo. “Why do you always say follow your heart, follow your dreams and you will be happy? As if people who do not follow their hearts will not be happy. You first need to know what will make you happy, only then can you follow that, isn’t it.”
The last sentence was a statement.
Was this the line I was looking for? Perhaps.
If I chose to work in various publications for the last 15 years, it was for a reason. For my family. For myself, too. Else I would be lying. And how would I have enjoyed and understood the depth of my love for being an author had I not abstained from the same? Would I not have cursed myself for not giving a ‘salaried career’ a try? Definitely I would have.
So absolutely no regrets.
Yet I wonder at times about what spiritual experts say about achieving what we yearn for. Paulo Coelho says when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Joseph Murphy believes mental imagery can help attract to us that we seek. Lousie L Hay says affirmations can get us what we aspire…
A creepy little doubt pricks me. Did I not really yearn for writing all these years?
I did. My first book says it all.
Each person’s time and space differs!
Nisha Sanjeev

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