Writing the worst sentence in the world…

Writing the worst sentence in the world…

Phil Stutz and Barry Michels are known as “an open secret in Hollywood” because they helped screenplay writers.

One of their famous testimonies is about a screenplay writer who was struggling with writer’s block for over a year and was in great  agony. Michels advised him to buy an egg timer and set it for one minute. He asked the writer to kneel in front of his computer in a posture of prayer, and beg the universe to help him write the worst sentence he has ever written for 1 minute. The writer found the suggestion embarrassing and stupid. But Michels insisted he do it.

A few weeks later, the writer had the much-needed breakthrough. A scene exploded in his mind at night. He got up from bed and began writing the scene. Six weeks later he had the 100+ page script ready. When the movie came out, the screenwriter won the Academy Award.

Most people cannot write because they aim for the perfect piece. They hope to receive the best critique.

Write the worst sentence. Write when you are most vulnerable. Write about your vulnerability and see how it opens the floodgates of ideas and inspiration.

Writing something you consider is terrible will free you. If you allow yourself to be a sucky writer, you will allow yourself to become a great writer.

So go and write that worst sentence you have ever written and set yourself free.

Write something so bad when people read they mock you. Imagine that and feel how absolutely oaky you are receiving that feedback.

The desperation to be perfect is also a result of the current social media times.  You only want the best of you out there.

Just write. Simply write. No grammar. No rules. No taboo. Let the dirtiest, murkiest, ugliest emotions and thoughts come out. Write that yucky sentence, that reeks of self-doubt, fear, jealousy, hatred…

When you feel you have poured it out all, imagine people reading it. And how comfortable you seeing them react.

Smile at yourself. Look in the mirror, congratulate yourself.

This helps in two ways – you get over the mental block of being afraid ‘what will people say’. You get the momentum to write.

Then… the next step is crucial.

Get back to writing. Create a discipline. Like potty-training a toddler, sit at your desk at the same time for the same duration of time…and simply write.

Soon you will be comfortable to let your Soul do the writing.

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