Working moms who are a crass apart

Working moms who are a crass apart

By merely looking at students of a particular school, can you judge that school’s performance?

Well, some parents do.
As much as I hate accusing my breed, the truth is more women do it. And I couldn’t help but grade such mothers. And for working moms, this is the time when back-to-school issues replace office gossips.
Their pet peeves become an obsessive engagement to outdo their counterparts in proving they are the best moms.

If they polish, sharpen and fire their know-it-the-best salvos at competing counterparts, then the unsuspecting ones are simply ridden over.

The unwritten code of conduct among working mothers goes thus…

The mom who whines the most is considered the best.

1. If your sighings begin only from your kid’s morning pee then you are not ‘good enough’.

2. Those who speak of the daunting and herculean task of tucking them in bed the previous night are ‘okay’.

3. If you skip work on the first day of school to accompany your pre-teen to class, then you are ‘better’.

4. Only those who juggle boss’s emails with project research and picture print-outs are ‘multi-taskers’.

5. The more you voice your worry about what to pack in lunch boxes and request for yummy snacks for your lil ones, the more you are ‘sincerely responsible’.

After whining on the above, mothers get to serious business of educating the children. And that’s when teachers are blamed for not doing enough to train young minds. And if they do, then they are blamed for dumping most work on parents who return home tired after slogging it out to pay tuition fees.

6. When it comes to extra attention for some kids… those who hire private tutors home and pay per class are giving the best to their kids as against sending children to teachers who charge monthly fee who teaches a group after school hours.

7. Similarly, those who drive their kids to extra-curricular activities to centres in Downtown are providing the best rather than those who send kids to budget institutions operating out of populated locales.

Once studies and extra-curricular activities are taken care of, then comes entertainment…

8. Moms who book tickets for movies and fun parks during office hours are considered ‘on-the-job’ moms.

9. And those who bitch about their husbands not pitching in with homework and parent-teachers meetings gain sympathy. They are ‘role models’ for the rest of the ilk.

Alas! even after this long dissection, I’m left clueless about the skills of mothers who judge a school’s performance by students’ uniform.

PS: Watch this space, my research continues.

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