Words that keep you away from success

Words that keep you away from success

Words have energy. And they impact your well-being just as your thoughts and actions.

The more often you use low-vibrating words, the more it gets sedimented in your subconscious mind, which impacts your desires, efforts, actions…progress and thereby success.


Please replace the word SHOULD from your vocabulary. It is guilt-laden, ridden with regret, keeping you in the past. While you use the word to progress and succeed. Imagine the harm it does. This word is actually pulling you backwards.

Instead say, I could have done it differently. I could have avoided it…


Never say never. It literally shuts the door to your subconscious. You are blocking your own progress.

Instead say, I shall reconsider. Let me give it a thought. There is always another time, it not now.


This is a nuclear bomb. The energy this word exudes can kill you from within.

Instead say, I dislike that person. I am not so fond of her. I would not want to do anything with him. I have some reservation about working with him…


Similar to NEVER, this word also symbolizes the END. Even in a situation where you can’t to it. As long as your intent doing it in the future, rephrase the sentence.

Instead say, not now, may be in the future I could do it. At present I am not equipped or now I do not feel inspired to do it..


This word is laden with doubt. It is like keeping one leg ahead and the other a mile behind. Clarity lights the way forward. Doubt throws shadows. And you falter and fall. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Instead say, Yes or No.


This is complaining. Whining. Sulking. Can you FEEL the energy of these words? Saying something is not fair is leaning outside of you. You are handing over your power to someone/something outside of you to rescue you. The worst phrase is ‘Life is not fair’. Please stop saying it now.

Instead say, I am not accepting this. Let me do it my way. Okay, it was not what I wanted, I let it go.


The moment you start saying I KNOW, you are stopping yourself from learning. No one knows it all. NO ONE!!! The moment you think you know it all, your doom begins, because you will stop being curious. Which means, you will stop growing. Anything that does not grow, stagnates and rots. Human mind, too.

Instead, be open to listening always. Be curious.


Really!!!! When will you catch up with your dream? Got it? Chasing dreams and following dreams give it a future sense. They imply you have all the time in the world. They imply that it is absolutely okay if you do not receive and achieve it NOW.

Instead say, I am LIVING my DREAMS. That may sound a bit wonky in the beginning. But, trust me, you will get used to saying it. Haven’t you heard of the phrase – Fake it till you make it? It works.


Weight is a low vibrating word, that literally weighs you down. You are concentrating on the ISSUE rather than on the SOLUTION, the more you use the word weight. And the subconscious believes something is seriously wrong with you.

Instead say, I am exercising to get fit or stay healthy. Or, I am on a fitness regime.


Seriously!!! Junk means dirt, filth, garbage. Now, imagine putting all this inside your body?

Instead say, no more pizza for me. No more cheesy pops for me. I give up on biryani…


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