Will Vs Wi-Fi

Will Vs Wi-Fi

Weekends are the busiest! One of my clients said when asked why she had not turned in the chapters due that week.

“I have to go to Church, then Sunday school, then grocery shopping, and laundry and cooking and don’t ask me, I am crazily busy.”

Busyness is *******. It is a myth at best.

When we POSTPONE doing something we ought to be committed to because we are busy, it means that task is NOT on the TO-DO List.

When we DO NOT do something we ought to be committed to because we are busy, it means the task is NOT A PRIORITY.

Here’s another myth…


When you have more than one task that you call a priority – it becomes a to-do list.

Priority is the ONLY task that needs your attention.

So how do you write when you are ‘busy’?

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi for 30 minutes.

Morning, noon, evening, night… doesn’t matter. Choose 30 minutes on your ‘busiest’ day. The sky will not fall in that half-an-hour. And in the event it does, people around will make enough noise to alert you. Turning Wi-Fi off is not a myth. It’s real. It works 😊And it helps you work better and be more productive. Try it.

  • Make writing tools of things

If you cannot get to your laptop or writing pad, grab that napkin, tissue paper, sickness bag. Use the voice recorder on your mobile phone and record your ideas. Or invest in a voice-recorder and have it with you always.

  • Use downtime effectively

Waiting for tram, metro, bus… Waiting for food to arrive. There are always minutes in surplus that you can use to write or record. You just need to be disciplined enough to use them.

  • Use toilet breaks

Now in the event, if you sincerely seriously do not have a moment to look up from the files and meetings… in the event you are indeed ‘busy’, use the toilet breaks 😊

Next time you go to any place and check for free Wi-Fi to scroll through emails and social media, take that time instead to note down or record your ideas.

It’s your Will Vs Wi-fi 😊if you wish to cultivate discipline for publishing your book.

Forward this to your ‘busy’ friend who has been postponing having his/her book published.

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