Why jettisoning your dreams for social status is wrong

Why jettisoning your dreams for social status is wrong

Review in ‘Thelka’

Anamica: The Secret of her Awareness is the story of a girl born in a traditional lower middle-class family in South India. The basic idea of this self-motivational book is that everyone has a reason for living. And once we identify that, we garner courage to face any situation in life.

The author – Dubai-based journalist Nisha Sanjeev – quotes incidents from her life to drive home the point that if you ignore your personal ambitions, it will come to haunt you in future. “No matter how much wealth you accumulate, if you’ve betrayed your heart, you are sure to spend sleepless nights sometime in your life,” said Nisha in a telephonic conversation.

Through the life of the lead character Anamica, the author tries to highlight the emotional dilemmas that a normal human being faces since his or her childhood. The book also attempts to provide solutions to them through Anamica’s friend, whom the author has referred as LMC throughout the book. READ MORE


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