Why do we need Lady Gaga for F1?

October 31, 2011
As the world attempts to cook up a Halloween trick, India takes the lap of honour. India has arrived on the international circuit – Yuppy!
But as with any mega event the Subcontinent undertakes, the Formula One gig too has had its share of criticism. With an expected speed of 315 kph, while it is touted as one of the fastest tracks in the world, the question is does India require this speed? It’s put up with a massive $200 million, when the poverty line remains smudged, cry critics. 
Self-flagellation has become the second nature of Indians. If we act to attract global attention, our very own brethren trample us down. And if we don’t yet we get thrashed for not doing enough.
So let’s not get into it at all. Farmers will continue to commit suicide, poverty line definition will never be clarified, scams will continue unabated, the Tihar marathon will be regular event, some sports will be promoted more than the rest, media will continue creating mountains of molehills…if any of these were not to be, then it’s not humara des.
When the entire Europe is running helter-skelter to shoo away a snarling recession and even eminent Obama is juggling with competing issues in his land, shouldn’t we be proud deswasiyon?
Guess, it’s got to do with our self-esteem. Else how does one justify Lady Gaga’s presence? Aren’t there talented Indian artists. Why do we require a phirang to promote our very own effort. It’s time we believed in ourselves. Chins up guys!
Nisha Sanjeev

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