When in love, righteousness blurs

When in love, righteousness blurs

The only child of doctor parents, who were practical and broad-minded, I expected her to withstand the tenacity of her spine.

Well, this girl was not-so bright a student as much as bright a girl she was. But then, she was neither a girly girl, which made her mom remark more often than she ever took her name that her daughter was “at all times four hands full”. I niggled to ask if that’s the reason why they never had another child, but I swallowed my curiosity.

She played in her neighbours’ homes; studied at her friends’ places; scored pranks with boys on the street. She was the referee and mediator for group squabbles and always stood by right, no matter what it cost her – a reason, why even as a child she never had any close friends. If she drew her grandparents’ wild, her teachers were tired of advising her to concentrate more on studies. But that was all they could do because she never once flunked. More importantly, she was the face of her school. She was the captain of the table tennis team winning her school cups in inter-school competitions. Students of other schools fretted her debating skills, so much so her reputation went ahead of her into college.

By now, her parents were proud of her because she grew up into an individualist, who never compromised her righteousness.

She graduated in commerce and took an MBA to boot. In the meantime, she got close to one of her childhood friends.

While the guy’s parents were vehemently against his relationship because she belonged to another faith, her parents were their only strength.

The doctor couple entertained the love-struck youngsters and even attempted making peace with their daughter’s to-be-in laws. But none of their efforts bore fruits.

So they advised the youngsters to move base. The guy lied to his parents about a lucrative job in Delhi and boarded the train. The doctor couple followed suit and had them register their marriage in the capital city.

But… the guy was disoriented. Soon she realised her husband was not the man she loved. And she decided to sort the issue out. She asked her parents to buy her a home in Delhi and deposit as much money as possible into her account. Though hesitant initially, they ceded to their daughter’s demand. They sold all their property in Bangalore and transferred the amount to her account.

She bought a home in Delhi and used the rest of the money to buy crazy quantity of gold. Took proof of her assets and confronted her in-laws. Rather begged to be accepted into the household for their son’s happiness.

Her in-laws still had one demand – Transfer the money in their names and handover the gold so their daughter could be married off! This she did without batting an eyelid and returned to Delhi to begin a peaceful life with the man she loves.

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