What are publishers looking for in a book

What are publishers looking for in a book

Any tom, dick n harry can become an author today.

That’s both good news and bad news.

The self-publishing industry is thriving today [in all its formats – vanity, hybrid & of course self-publishing] thanks to non-fiction books becoming the latest business cards and coaching becoming a sought-after profession.

Anyone who has the time and money can become an author without writing.

You read right!

There are agents and publishers who can whip up your idea into a book while you prep for the launch and photoshoot 😊

But, if you are a conscientious writer and would like to write your book and pitch your creativity to sincere publishers, then you need to understand what publishers are looking for.

A fresh take, if not a unique one

As I always say everything that needs to be communicated has already been communicated in some format or the other. Heard of the old wine in the new bottle story? That’s exactly what you do.

A beaten topic or a novel philosophy, you need to dab a dollop of freshness to capture their attention. How do you do that? The easiest route is to sprinkle in your perspective.

Compelling Storytelling

In today’s competitive world, where you are competing with AI, your imagination, your voice, your combination of word play is what will set you apart.

Let your book have a compelling narrative that keeps the readers hooked from the first word. A well-written story will help imprint your message in readers’ hearts and minds.

Proven Frameworks

Readers of non-fiction books [check out my previous blog for various kinds of NF books] are selfish. They buy your books if you have a practical solution for their issues.

Therefore, have action points, remedial instructions, loads of how-to boxes, proofs and more of all these.

Robust Platforms

An online presence or a community of followers will definitely be an advantage. Truth be told,  publishers are NOT interested in your content or your passion, they are businesspeople. They seek authors who can promote their own work.

Now that publishing factors are covered, hope you start writing. Develop that idea. If writing seems like a dauting task, I’ve got you. Let’s talk.

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