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September 4, 2011
Boycotted news channels for 24 hours, couldn’t hold on more, for I am bound by duty to keep the wolf off my door. The experiment was over the weekend, so returned to my workplace to edit the same stuff that I shunned a few hours before.
The first couple of hours after I made the decision were tempting. So picked up a DVD to watch a movie instead. But I wasn’t achieving the larger point, I realised quickly enough before I could jump on the guilt trip. Not to feed the mind with anything that is not worth consuming is the reason for the sit-in, I reminded myself.
Truth be told, it didn’t feel any different for majority of the day. Probably because the thought of news and News and NEws and NEWs and NEWS was echoing in my head. Someone repeating the word ‘News’ with a vengeance inside me. So though I didn’t watch or hear news bulletins the word itself was undoing what I was desperately trying to lock-in.
Old habits die hard. Or was it my mind in denial! Walked to my book shelf without an aim and laid hands on the first one on the stack…’Everything that happens to me is fantastic’ by Geoff Thompson.
Now is there an allegory, I wondered. I wanted to believe so. One of my fav authors Paulo Coelho’s famous saying – ‘When you desire something so desperately the whole universe conspires to make it happen’ rang in my ears.
I ought to read Geoff Thompson again. Chewed on his words – ‘Don’t say you can’t do it. It can be done. It is being done.’
At least I’ve made an effort to exercise my choice towards a saner living. So what if I need to surf and sieve news (negative and dark the better) at the website where I spent eight hours to earn my bread. At least I have begun. No news on weekends.
Hope the day comes soon when I will say no news for me that I wish not to hear. It is within grasp, but shall keep it waiting until the fox disappears from my doorstep.
Now is this fear of the future. For fear is the only factor that gets in the way of our dreams, I read. If so I need to work on it asap.
PS. I did feel good the next morning – after a seven-hour sleep. Was it the sleep or the no-news day followed by a calmer mind at rest that energised the feel-good hormones inside me.
Am waiting for the next weekend to figure that out.
Nisha Sanjeev

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