Wednesday lessons

September 12, 2012
This morning I was sick…as usual. Nothing physical. Because I was never and will never be a morning person and the fact that I never liked nor can I ever cultivate a liking to cooking, four days of the week gets a weak start.
I am obliged to wake up at 4am to prepare my child’s school snack.
Well, this morning, too, began nastily. As I laboriously stood beautifying the sandwich, I realised it was Wednesday at last. My weekend would begin in a few hours. I instantly felt peppy and sneaked in time for a 5-minute yoga nidra. [This is the only yogic exercise I love doing, because my guru said: “Just 3 minutes of yoga nidra will energise you to be active for eight hours.” There were several other associated facts he explained, but I remember only this]
I was so relaxed that I woke up a good 20 minutes later, which meant, I had only 10 minutes for the morning rituals.
I managed a quick shower by skipping the tea ceremony and rushed out forgetting my wallet.
Then my driver zipped me through to work narrowly missing hitting a taxi as my nose banged the front seat and my bag hurled to sit on the hand break beside him.
“I was speeding to ensure you reach on time,” he said.
“How can you do 120kph on this road…”
“5 minutes Ok. But today you came out 7minutes late.”
Lesson learnt: Never get more than 5 minutes late.
It was silence after that. Until, my mobile beeped and I heard my man. “Why did you give my number to your colleague.”
It took me a while to figure out which colleague as I was still nursing my nose.
“The one in Chennai,” he reminded me.
“Oh! Yeah, Ahh, she wanted to speak to me. Am I crazy to give yours.”
“Ok now call her. She says it’s urgent. Am forwarding her number.”
But I waited to figure out why she called him, when I sent her MY mobile number. Meanwhile, I reached office and checked the email.
The first mail in the queue was from my better-half. He had already done the investigations and had re-routed the mail I sent to my Chennai colleague to my inbox. [The only default number in my system is HIS]
The lesson learnt: Never share passwords.
Office hours went without any hassle. With Apple launching its new iPhone, there is no dearth of articles and related talk.
One of my colleagues caught me offguard while we walked to the pantry. “Hey, Nisha you’ve got a smartphone!
“Which model?”
“Samsung,” I replied.
“Yeah! But which one is it?”
“You’ll take black tea or green,” I asked and exclaimed in the same breath, “who are these guys dirtying the pantry.”
And the conversation thankfully veered off to less smarter topics.
The first thing I did when I returned to my seat was to dial the ‘culprit’. “Don’t ever give me your old phones. Is that clear,” I hissed into the receiver.
“Now who asked you its features,” asked the husband.
“What features… the bloody model.”
Lesson learnt: Stick to Nokia
Returned home at noon ushering in my weekend.
At 2.30pm, I waited at the door for my daughter to return from school. Lunch ready in the microwave.
By 2.40pm, I got anxious. Waited. At 2.50pm I picked up the phone to call the bus driver. After I dialled the number it flashed my relaxed head that she had extra class. Would return only at 4.30pm. 
I was shattered. Guilt knew no bounds. I couldn’t stop the tears either. Alone I sat and brooded. I had forgotten to give my child her lunch box.
Lesson learnt: Let my youngster have some cash on her. 
Nisha Sanjeev

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