Two artist friends who’ll dress you smart

Two artist friends who’ll dress you smart

Keeping with the spirit of friendship, I have to share two faces. Look hard, close, from far, afar and…no, don’t spot the difference.

Ashvin and Blu at one of their art exhibitions

If one is a doctor and another a journalist then their difference ends there. Yes, one is male and the other female, too. I know all of you can see. Before you bang hard on your keyboard to slap me, they are friends. Now, I can see faces sneer at me. Yes, I know what my opening sentence to this piece was. 

Well, they interest me because they are as different as chalk and cheese and yet as one as only they can be! Friendship can do wonders to people. You can conquer the world along with a true friend. Your world can be your window sill,  the Everest  or the Red Planet. But when it’s your passion that your share with your best buddy, your world has no limitations.

Ashvin and Archana RD aka Blu who have several credentials in the artistic field, has now ventured into another form of expressing themselves. Youngsters who love to be different can now pick up a trendy one-off T-shirts, hand-painted by them. Their venture Freakybunny will freak out an art enthusiast for sure, but it will leave all of you – fashionistas and those who shy away from the term; adolescents, youngsters and all those young at heart – tired of exercising your arms and shoulders. So, you see, here’s a reason for lazy souls, too.

All you need to do is click on this page and place your order. It couldn’t get easier to dress uniquely!

Here’s a peep look at what’s in store…

Sakura series from Freakybunny
Dreamcatcher series from Freakybunny

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