The ONE secret to having great relationships

The ONE secret to having great relationships

Everyone wishes to enjoy great relationships. Family relationships; workplace relationships; financial relationships; social relationships… Here’s the secret…

No relationship will sustain and yield returns until your relationship with yourself is at its best!

Here’s what I did yesterday…

Connecting with ourselves everyday, and staying connected with our higher self every second is the ONLY key to building and enjoying lasting relationships with the outer world, including our HEALTH.

One of the ways to doing it is by checking on our Inner Child. Do what you feel like doing, when you feel like doing it and in a manner that satisfies you. Only You!

Do not be bothered about what people will say, do not worry about the right timing, the right dress code, the right place…If you have felt the desire to do something, then THAT MOMENT is the right time.

Keeping your innocence alive within you is the secret to nurturing a healthy relationship with yourself. Take care of the child within.

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