The Bachchan gameplan of marketing off-work Ash

November 9, 2011
I can’t wait for the Bachchan bahu to give birth to her baby. Sick and tired of the hullabaloo since Big B tweeted to break the news during the IIFA weekend. Ash’s off-work marketing gameplan started there…An announcement when Bollywood was under global spotlight. What a beginning!
The media is rueing and ranting. And the Bachchan clan pretentiously seems to be doing the same, only to add fuel to the imaginations of nothing-better-to-report journos and bask in the inferno of news space generated. Celebrities will go any length to remain in news. Especially, when off work.
But doesn’t media have any ethics? Celeb news is fine. But this is insane! And sad that a section has fallen to such low levels in the name of survival.
The pregnancy tweet took the reels of ‘Heroine’ to the cans dragging along the relationship with the mom-to-be, announced Bhandarkar unit, only to publicly praise Ash’s professionalism when she returned the cheque later.
The former half of the story was ‘Breaking News’, while the entertainment sections of the media fed on the rest for months on end.
The Bollywood beauty (oops! international beauty – I’ll be stoned by her crazy fan) had the enlightened calling to return the amount only after a few weeks of making news. Why?
Then came a small-time starlet claiming she saw Ash in some fertility clinic in Bangkok, kicking up the boy over girl issue. Some jerks in the media tagged the the twins story to her allegations and kept the news running for weeks. Father-in-law who takes to twitter of late to clarify and post family updates has been silent. Why?
That was followed by the hospital news. A Mumbai tabloid claimed to know what time Ash walks in for her appointments early morning and how many rooms have been booked in which hospital. This led to the C-section or natural delivery debate, even as Mamma Bachchan unveiled a grand baby shower for daughter-in-law. While the list of celebrities who attended the ‘Godh bharai’ was promptly ‘leaked’, the actor’s spokesperson came out to say a line – all delivery related news is wrong. But where’s the tech-savvy Bachchan brigade.
That followed the 11.11.11 speculation…and still a suffocating silence is all that comes from the family in question. Why?
At last the Broadcast Editors’ Association in India reportedly acted…came up with guidelines on media reporting the birth. So much for media ethics! But what guarantee it’s not drafted by the Bachchans. Even before one could give the first family of Bollywood the benefit of doubt, lo! comes Big B’s barrage of tweets…the last one reads, “Every other day some ridiculous, malicious and completely false allegations are thrown at me! Smiley!”
Nisha Sanjeev

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