Tessy’s obsession

Tessy’s obsession

Born to a socially ostracized and unwed mother, who worked multiple menial jobs to make ends meet, Tessy was obsessed with making a mark in this world that she sang, “I’m turning the wheels of fortune!”

A brilliant child, she bagged scholarships right from primary school until university and landed a plum job through a campus selection and at each milestone, she sang… “I’m turning the wheels of fortune!”

Tessy’s mom threw a party – a first in her life – to celebrate her daughter’s engagement to her college sweetheart and was overwhelmed with emotions when her extended family embraced Tessy.

A month later, as Tessy’s mom was with her to-be-son-in-law, Tom, planning their wedding, Tessy rang up to say she was at the registrar to marry her boss.

Later that day, Tessy walked in with her husband, returned the engagement ring to Tom, and told her mom, “Better a wealthy guy for a husband than a salaried hunk to turn our wheels of fortune!”

Written for Word Prompt: “Wheels of fortune!”

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