Superwomen and rocket moms are fooling themselves

Superwomen and rocket moms are fooling themselves

Are you a funambulist? Do you aspire being one? Sounds grandeur, isn’t it? At least for the sake of sounding cool some would jump at it.

A tight-rope walker? Are you interested in being one? Now that the appeal of the word has reduced, some may back off.

It’s worrisome that women fall into the trap of pleasing others at the cost of abusing themselves. Most women take pride in saying they multi-task. To add to the whining chips on their shoulders, you have research confirming women are better at multi-tasking than men. And lo! all feminists and aspiring females grab on to those lines to prove they are the best multi-taskers on the planet.

Even if they can reduce the list to a handful, they continue spelling out each grocery item they picked up with their left hand while holding their kid in place with their right toe, conversing with their colleague on the phone glued to their left ear, and tucking that strand of hair behind the ears with their right hand…

As long as its hair and grocery, it’s fine. But the awesome lot do that with careers and family. They wanna get everything right at work and at home all at once. The best project report, the best employee, the best meal, the best rehearsal for their child, the best host, the best friend…

Let’s get it right. You cannot be the best professional and the best mom and the best wife and the best daughter and the best friend. You need to choose. You need to have priorities. Being best at everything is not mastering anything. You are simply best at mediocrity!

Most mothers choose to hide their guilt, incompetence and lack of courage to follow their heart with euphemisms such as ‘superwomen’ and ‘rocket moms’. They take false pride in saying they are multi-taskers, while deep down they yearn to be an achiever.

You wanna be at the helm of your profession, give that your all. Get help to support your kids and sit your partners down and spell your priorities out them. You ‘MANAGE’ your home and ‘EXCEL’ at work. On the contrary, if home-front is your priority, don’t sulk if you cannot make that overseas trip or put forth a smashing presentation to woo your CEO. You ‘MANAGE’ your work and ‘EXCEL’ at home!

By ‘managing’ everything you are NOT excelling at anything. You are living an ‘AVERAGE’ life, one of mediocrity.

Whatever you choose, do it guilt-free. Give it your all. Be the best at it. None of your choice makes you any less than anyone.

You need to have the spine and the nerve and the verve to ‘CHOOSE’. Else, you pass off acknowledging superfluous terms like funambulist while you feel shitty inside. Stop abusing yourself. Stop living virtual fame. Be brave. Get courageous. Honour your likes. Be real. Get real. That’s the way to ‘Live life to the fullest’!

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