Strictly official

February 8, 2012
Mr & Mrs
He almost runs in, a bag in hand, breathing heavy
As if rushing from one meeting to another
Walks straight to the boss’s cabin with a pack in hand
Breakfast – his favourite toast and juice
Rushes out as if he’s got to attend nature’s call
Back with coffee and sugar cubes
‘You take two, don’t you. I know your taste.’
Back to his seat, networking sites on
He dabbles in the world of shares, too
Rushes in to discuss the stock market
By then it’s lunch time
He calls up boss’s favourite outlet.
At the daily post-noon meeting,
His suggestions are the best
Boss orders the team to consult him, therefore.
Days just pass into weeks, when the boss announces
We have a new recruit – the team leader
Next morning, the couple walks in
As if taking a stroll on the beach
A little later
He walks out and returns with three cups on a tray
Mr and Mrs along with the boss take a break!
Role model
She walked in, glasses on nose
Spine straight that hair over shoulders bounced
Strutted on stilettos that jutted her rear out
Wore a perfume branded that announced her arrival.
Logged in the system and turned to her neighbour
Small talk became the norm to start her day
That gave way to requests permanent, later taken for granted
Dumped her work on others, while she greeted superiors
Soon she was out hailing cabs for her bosses
While her colleagues pitched in to meet deadlines.
Madame mozelle became the contact point of her team
She quickly became the representative of old timers at work
Strategies and proposals for innovation she framed
Powerpoint presentations she volunteered to make
She was the only one to be seen and heard
While others toiled to meet daily deadlines.
One, yes just one, year later…
She walks with files in hand, glasses over head
Spine straight that nose reflects attitude sharp
Struts on stilettos that juts her butt now bigger
Reminding her secretary, to call her driver.
Nisha Sanjeev

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