Sri Padmanabhaswamy’s treasures

Sri Padmanabhaswamy’s treasures

I can hear loud laughs, belly fulls of roars…from an innocuous section of Keralites who believe people from the land of Sri Padmanabhaswamy make good backstabbers.

People from the north of Kerala have fun at the expense of their sourthern brethern calling them deceitful because they did not spare even God Vishnu. Now with treasures worth billions of rupees being discovered in chambers 20 feet under the ground from the temple premises, it’s another ace for the northerners.

For the uninitiated… Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in the crowded bylanes of the Fort in the capital city of the South Indian state of Kerala is currently in the news for potentially vying for the  being the ‘richest temple’ in the country. The diety Padmanabhaswamy, a form of Hindu God Vishnu is in the Anananthasayanam posture or in eternal sleep of yognidra at the temple. Apparently, this is the only temple in the world where God Vishnu is lying down. A reason why north Keralities accuse southerners of knocking down even the powerful Lord Vishnu!

If legends are to be believed the treasures got accumulated in the temple because in olden days people offered gold to seek pardon from the royal family, which controlled the temple prior to 1947. After India achieved independence from Britain in 1947, a trust managed by descendants of the Travancore royal family has been managing the temple.

So are these precious stones and gold lying there since the 18th century? Or does it involve new-generation sinners’ ablutions, too. Historians get your CVs ready.

And if they prove it does, then Sri Padmanabhaswamy will need to save himself. God’s own country loves controversies in the name of righteousness. A religious matter and the news value soars up even more as politicians as well as the public consider it their moral duty to take the issue in their hands and wash it on roads.

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