Squirrelling around your trust!

Squirrelling around your trust!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to moms, masters, trainers and orphans alive or dead is purely your imagination!

A grey mommy squirrel was teaching its bony baby how to climb the tree. She explained, “To stay safe, have fun and find food, it helps to claw atop quick, my baby.”

Days went by and the pampered baby just fooled around, gaining weight and making attempts strenuous.

An orphan baby squirrel that sat watching the daily efforts, one day approached the mommy squirrel and said, “Teach me how to climb the tree, please. I will learn it quick.”

“Of course, my child. You are from my clan. And what beauty you are. Bushy tail and sparkling eyes, a sprint on claws and sharp teeth, with shimmering strips on your back, you are wonderfully gorgeous to be an orphan. How I wish you were my son. I want to see you survive. Your will propel our breed ahead in the kingdom, am sure. Come tomorrow.”

An elated baby orphan jumped with thrill and screamed he’s going to live in style. Sat in the bush and watched mommy squirrel plead with her son.

The following day, bright and early, he greeted the matron. “Oh!, so nice to see you this morning. How have you been.?

“I am good, matron. Can we start?”

“Yes, you wanted me to teach you. Yep. I have an expert climber friend. I’ll let him teach you because you are a very bright squirrel. My skills fall way to short for your abilities. Why don’t you call on me, say next week.”

“That’s great matron. Will do,” said the orphan and skirted away happy dreaming of being trained by the best hand.

A week later, when he met the matron, she said, “Hey, smart boy. I was just thinking about you. I will take you to the master on the third Sunday following the next. I cannot rest until I help such a determined boy.”

A little dazed, the orphan squirrel walked back. He checked the calendar thrice every day lest the third Sunday following the next gives him the slip.

After the long wait, when Sunday dawned, he was at the matron’s door greeting her. “Oh, my child. How have you been? I was speaking about our bright offspring to the elders at last week’s clan get-together. So many of them are eager to help you, my boy. You are the luckiest child.”

Waiting for her to finish her lauding, he gingerly asked, “So when can I start.”

“Yep, my dear. The best in the clan want to teach you…”

“But when, matron.”

“My child, you’ve been coming so often. I now feel guilty. Let me get the trainer to your home.”

The orphan squirrel returned to the bush and sat watching mommy squirrel attempt to train her offspring. He waited, waited and waited in the bush. He felt guilty of being a pest. He was afraid of being called a nag.

After months, when he turned one, he mustered courage to face the matron. “Hey, my boy. How have you been?” she asked with enthusiasm.

“Well, I’m great matron. Was wondering if I’ll be getting a trainer.”

“Trainer? What are you speaking of.”

He patiently reminded her of her promise made, when she said, “Actually, they are not trainers. They are all masters in their fields, and I was told, they do not train babies. And added to that you are an orphan. So it’s their status issue, as well. But don’t you worry, my son. I’m there for you.”

The dejected squirrel, fought hard to see hope again.

“Yes matron. I need your help, please.”

“Of course, my boy. You don’t have to plead with me, leave alone ask. You have the right to tell me. I have my offspring here, who will disturb us. So I’ll come over to your place. How’s that!”

“Umm.” The orphan squirrel now had his doubts at the matron’s intentions. But just smiled and said, “Good. Sure matron. I will wait for you.”

“I’ll be there when I return from my weekly grocery trip. That should be fine with you, smart boy!”

“Weekly trip means,” the orphan mumbled.

“I purchase items every Sunday evening, son.”

“Thanks matron. See you on Sunday.”

“Sure my child. I’m so proud to be associated with such a bright boy.”

The squirrel returned to his spot in the bushes. After each week, he told himself, “Probably next Sunday.”

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