Sick of Osama and Obama…now must bear the dog, too

Sick of Osama and Obama…now must bear the dog, too

One man is finished. Got his share of hoopla even in death. The other man has done it. Has received his share of euology. 

Only when I thought we’ve moved on, a dog began stalking us.


The media seems determined to keep bin Laden alive. It’s almost a week since the most-wanted terrorist was lowered at the Arabian Sea, and still prime-time minutes and reels of newsprint are being wasted on him.

With nothing substantial coming off discussions on where the US-Pak relations stand following the aftermath or the US’ modus operandi, the hot topic now is whether a dog was involved in the operation.

Its breed, its skills, its temperament, its training, its intelligence, its agility…oh my! just stops short of its poo!

As if the dog’s vital statistics will reveal all that Obama refuses to say.

Do laymen care if the Pakistan President was aware of the attack or their intelligence were unaware. Or whether bin Laden’s end is the beginning of second-term dreams for the other?

What people really would like to know is if Al Qaeda will explode in their neighbourhood. In the name of revenge will we be the next victims? Can anyone gurantee our lives?

Well, world leaders echoed..”with Osama bin Laden gone it is not the end to terrorism, the battle continues”. Thank you for the wise words.

Now can we leave the Os behind and move on? We need to take care of ourselves.

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