Sandal fallacy

November 28, 2011
An incident over the weekend got me thinking! And to imagine it is a pair of footwear that is intriguing me is not the least ridiculous.
Or is it?
Friday evening as I dressed up my daughter for her music festival at school, I was mentally shortlisting my own attire for the evening for I also had a dinner invite. Zeored in on an off-white and lemon-yellow set.
Had a couple of hours on hand to join our child at school, so caught up with the weekend mails.
However, while I was maneuvering through the inbox, a thought passed by me – What if my sandals were to fall apart? I ignored and continued with the more fruitful activity.
An hour later as I was doing my hair, the same thought surfaced again. Instinctively, I left my grooming and headed to the shoe rack. Picked up an off-white one and, as if the husband’s approval will keep at bay anything untoward, I asked him rather indirectly, “Will this go with my dress”.
He being the victim (had to pick me up from my knees several times in public) of my walks on heels only checked to ensure they were flats.
Just as we locked the door, I had a second thought because the first one surfaced yet again. Stood looking at my feet for a good two minutes and decided to re-enter to choose a non-matching pair. What if an ill-matching colour wards off impending bad luck? Ludicrous idea, but I went ahead.
Unlocked the door and picked up another pair when I heard a voice from under the breath: “This is what happens when women have too many…”
Whoever said men don’t mutter!
Anyways, the drive to school held no surprises. The traffic led us up until the parking lot, which was followed by a musical search that helped us prolong our patience equally longer.
Just as I walked towards the school gate, my right foot felt heavy and dragged behind. I looked down to see the sole gaping open-mouthed at me.
All through the programme I sat decently with my left leg crossed over to conceal the temporarily handicapped right. I didn’t dare walk, yet got threatened by my little lady. “Don’t go in front of my Ma’am.”
As we drove for dinner, she fired another: “I am ashamed. We are not going to a restaurant. It’s a hotel. You walk behind me ok?”
However, I should admit that I managed well as I didn’t receive any odd stares. As I stood speaking to my friend, lo! came apart the strap of the left sandal.
With the sole of one and the strap of the other apart, I wondered if it was my thought that was powerful enough to disable me…As you think so shall you reap!
Or was it the other way around… It had to be so, therefore I was warned. Premonition!
Or was it lack of housekeeping…old pairs need to be replaced with new ones!

I ran the analysis past my family and in unison came the reply…Old pairs out. FULL STOP

Nisha Sanjeev

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  • Anonymous
    November 30, 2011

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