Rats arse

September 23, 2012

[Disclaimer: Any resemblance to cats and rats alive is mere coincidence]
Frienzed rats scurried around early morn
as they got whiff of the cat stretching!
Little did they care about ethics,
Protocol, rules, guidelines
vandalised; they
scurried to hold the weakest scruff!
When the cat comes,
Let’s stand united, pleaded one
Let’s lie down low, suggested another
let’s pray he doesn’t turn up, wailed one!
Rats have sullied the conference hole,
The king will not pardon the cat,
gossiped senior-most rat head
And racked his brain hard!
While rats prayed and collected around
Their leaders met and rehearsed schemes
looking over their shoulders
they dusted seats and wagged tails!
Later, each rat head feigned ignorance
I was sleeping,” defended one
I was exercising, claimed another
I was making the budget, said senior-most!
At last the cat arrived, whiskers sharp
Rat heads snibbled, rats huddled
Senior-most tip-toed behind the cat
While rat heads threatened family of action!
After closed-door talks, walks out
senior-most, authoritatively;
Straight to white mouse – the family cook
You are suspended, he’s told.
Why? ‘Rats soiled conference hole’
But where is that hole, asks white mouse
This ignorance is unpardonable, shouts senior-most
I’m in-charge only of kitchen hole: white mouse.
Your arse will be fired! if you squeal further
Senior-most threatened,
Go lick up my hole clean, quick
Else the cat will chase you to his!
Nisha Sanjeev

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