Pippa Middleton’s bum chums

Pippa Middleton’s bum chums

Check your IQ guys. It needs some urgent rebooting. World matters have  taken a jaw-dive in the last two months.

You may be excused for not knowing where the hell is the United Kingdom.  But you sure face gallows of shame if you do not know where Pippa  Middleton’s asset lies.

Pippa went on a diet; Pippa does pilates four days a week; Pippa has broken up with long-time flame; Pippa hugged former colleague goodnight at 2am; Pippa looked soiled but ravishing in shorts after the marathon; Pippa hired £10,000-an-hour chopper to jet into a charity show; Pippa’s moving base to Paris…the list is never-ending.

The au courant world media seems to be boldly competing with one another in pom-poming the royal kin’s activities as if their coverage will dare her to bare it all.

Well, the male folk have always been bum chums. Nothing surprising there. Jennifer Lopez was gazed at more than watched or heard. Then came Kim Kardashian with hers. When JLo and KK were peacefully holding the testesterone-flowing men to a deuce, in walked the Prince holding Kate on April 29.

And since that day the world seems to be unsettled. Not because the future king decided to settle down, rather his sis-in-law’s ‘that’ dress which has stirred up minds beyond imaginations can fathom.

What’s baffling is her derriere has made the fairer sex weaker in their knees as much as it has sent pulses soaring among the beefed-up lot. In fact the ages-old unwritten fact – women can’t stand their ilk – is in the process of being revised. The Princess’s sister has achieved the unthinkable! She is uniting her sex. And to say her pilate-sculptured backside is doing the trick is no doubt wacky but a wee bit dr…yly (oops!) tacky.

I googled for more anatomical analysis and the statistics revealed was least surprising. Guess this is how laymen draw strength to tackle the daily challenge of getting off their arses to go about and earn a living.

PS: The latest news doing the rounds…Britons queue up to get their plastic arses to match Pippa’s arse. LIMITS!!!

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