Newage revolution wakes up Big Uncle Masa

Newage revolution wakes up Big Uncle Masa

[Resemblance to any institution, administration or person dead or alive is not a coincidence]

Big Uncle Masa stretched in his slumber. Opened one eye and disgustingly looked at the can of worms he had efficiently hidden before him.

The creatures were tapping at the lid from within. He dismissed the scene and turned to snore.

“How can such measly creatures garner courage to wake me up from my years of slumber. 65+ years! no one dared to come close to me. I will decide when I to wake up!”

A little alter, he felt a tickling sensation. Rubbed his fingertips under his armpit and turned over.

But the sensation only increased. He opened both his swollen eyelids and saw the creatures crawling out of the box. Two quick ones had managed to climb under his arms.

He called his cronies to tackle the worms before they set foot in his bed.

The cronies misunderstood their combined strength. In no time, they were buried under the swarth of worms.

Big UncleMasa sat up and scorned.

“This is called revolution Masaji,” choroused his trampled cronies.

“Please wave at them from this corrupted balcony. Only then can we be saved,” they cried.

“Ookaayy”! He strolled and said, “All will be well.”

The two under his armpit clung on deeply and threatened, “we’ll wait here until you let it be well.”

But since then, Big Uncle Masa never slept in peace. Each time he hit the bed, they tickled him strong. While his heavy forearm would not fold to pluck the creatures off, his ego and modesty would not allow him to expose his sweaty and itchy pit to his cronies to take action.

Helplessly as he set about looking into the welfare of the worms, and all seemed to be going on toward being well, did the can open again.

This time it exploded with a thud. The worms crawled faster, quicker and with more vigour.

Big Uncle Masa walked to the balcony to wave his assurance, when his cronies cried, “No, Masaji. You need to go to the feminine balcony at the other end.’

“Don’t wave please. Just cry ‘shame, shame, rapists’!”

“What cheek. Now I dance to your tunes!”

“You’ve no choice Masaji,” they choroused.

“I am the one taking decisions…”

“That is correct, Masaji. But this is not corruption issue. This is rape. It happened inside the can.”

“So how the hell am I responsible. If they cannot behave themselves.”

“Cool Masaji. They are our subjects. You placed the lid over the can because you wanted to sleep undisturbed. So you are res…, we mean to say, you are a respectful person. Show them how concerned we are about their wellbeing.”

“Ookaayy. Ookaayy. Keep my ear plugs and eye pads ready.”

“We are afraid, Masaji. These newage revolutions pierce through our ear plugs and eye pads. Our lab has begun experimenting new models of plugs and pads. We will keep you updated.”

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