My time alone…

My time alone…

These are my days and nights alone. But I am NOT lonely!

This is a conscious decision I took – for the FIRST time in my life. Sent the husband and our baby on holiday [he’s with his parents and our li’l lady with mine].

I’m a person who tremendously values and treasures my ‘Me Time’. Over the last 20 years, when I had a full-time job, I insisted on having one off on a week day and another on the common weekend. Being a journalist, working for 24/7 organisations, it was easy.

Now, these two weeks, takes my ‘Me-Time’ obsession to a totally new level. Well-meaning friends are astonished and curious.

‘So, what do you do the whole day! they exclaim.

My reply: “That what I do the whole night!” Whatever they understood, I couldn’t care. What matters to me is the topic ends there.

The picture above, has been in my baby’s room for over a year, but it’s just yesterday I UNDERSTOOD it. I remember her saying then, that she loves herself in that click. Perhaps why she wanted it on her study table. But when we both are in there, how could she not have her papa in her favourite picture? So in goes his paper cut-out. Adorable! Cute! I never paused to study the EMOTIONS that played through her young mind all these months!

These are AMONG the many things I do with my ‘Absolute Me Time’ now – CONNECT with my loves! CONNECT with myself!

I’ve stopped my aerobics for two weeks, too, because I do not want to be part of the daily chatter of ladies. I go for long walks instead in the evenings. Sit on park benches, stand by the traffic junctions as long as I wish [the other day I let two pedestrian signals go by]. I write, read, eat whatever I feel, whenever I feel like it.

The only habit I haven’t altered is waking up at 4am. That’s something I will never trade in for. My morning bottle of water by the balcony, listening to the birds chirping, speaking to my Divine…is blissful. The Azan early morning rings in differently. The odd taxis that I hear pass by sounds different, too. One of my treasured wishes is to stand atop a hill, facing a never-ending wide expanse of greenery as dawn breaks its first rays on me and I say the words ‘I love you! so loud that it reverberates, filling me in.

My balcony experience at 4 in the morning everyday is the closest best yet!

We need to break away, detach from everything and everyone at regular intervals to recharge, recoup and rebuild. To understand more and love more – both yourself and others.

So will I extend my ‘Absolute Me Time’? NO. Two weeks is perfectly fine. I want my baby’s chatter and my man’s warmth!

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