Moon and star romance

Moon and star romance

The obedient thing cried at the precise second. It doesn’t care if we are up after
a two-day weekend or a longer holiday. It makes for the lack of a dog…faithful to
a fault… sun or rain in sickness and health, the nasty thing is the only body in
this whole universe who gets away by yelling at us each morning.

We let it cry, then scream and later screech…before the husband drags himself out
and I prepare to follow.

My routine began with no change in script on January the 30th. I tossed, turned,
kicked away the blanket, upped my senses to feel my back…’yeah, I’m here’, I felt
the sore swear. Got up, stretched, waited to hear the other…’yes I’m here’, it
creaked. My neck, thankfully, alive over my shoulders I decided to get on with my
robotic early morning activities…before I dash off to work.

To my surprise, I felt energetic for a change. Dismissed it as first week-day
blues, I set about packing breakfast for my little one. But the morning was
determined to indeed surprise me…warm thoughts of my family began surfacing, then
quickly established themselves within me.

Soon I felt like exercising, usually the urge hits only after a heavy meal. Never
in my lifetime did it visit me early morning. Wow! I was amused and began humming.
It was only a little later when the clock stopped ticking, or so I thought, did I
realise my rendering was pretty loud… a song!

Anyways it’s just the early beginning of another long five-day week, I cautioned
myself before stepping out. And lo! I found a spring in my steps. What’s
happenning? I wondered. I let the weather take the credit and hopped into the car.
There my driver, who usually picks on me for being a sleepy head, quipped ‘you look

Now, this was more than I could comprehend. Nevertheless, I thanked him for the
compliment and decided to mentally compose a poem –  ‘An ode to myself’.

Lost in my verse, at first I thought I was imagining my lines. Then looked without
blinking…and it still was there high up in the sky…a celestial wonder! A bright
dazzling star very close to the crescent moon. Incredibly lovely a couple!

The captivating serenity I could not hold for long as I had to walk into my office.

This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this – a divine romance. Does it
hold any significance? Probably, I heard them whisper.

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