Let there be more Doom’s Day prophecies

Let there be more Doom’s Day prophecies

At last Nostradamus seems to have got a break!

In the recent past Mayan followers have been warning mankind about the world coming to an end next year, but now certain independent Christian groups have joined in the apocalyptic predictions. They are ranting about the ultimate day being even closer – May 21, 2011 – a little over a month from today. However, they’ve stopped short of calling it the Last Day. Instead, it’s called the Judgement Day to be followed by the end of the world after five months on October 21, 2011.

Now is that some sort of a grace period given to push the maximum numbers through. I’m reminded of instant exams we had in college. Students who failed in no more than one subject were allowed to take ‘instant exam’, conducted within 45 days so they do not lose an academic year. It not only benefitted students but also institutions that showcased a better pass percentage. Similarly, those who haven’t so far accumulated the required scores, I guess, will receive a five-month grace period to pull up their socks when the final callsheet will be marked in October when they get the previlege to hang their boots!

The Dooms Day theory goes something like this…(the little I understood from the cacophony around) people who are adamant about not improving themselves, even after next month-end, will be left on Earth to suffer post-October.

Family Radio Worldwide, an independent Christian Ministry, based in California is the one pulling out all stops to propogate their so-called logical prophecy, simply because they claim it to be Bibilical.

So where do people get to see their progress cards? Hope Camping (leader of the Family Radio) will display them preferably online or on his favourite platform – billboards. 

Interestingly, Mayan followers are quiet after Camping and his brood took to the roads. Probably adopting the wait-and-watch policy to alter their stance. Lucikly for them there’s more than a year. Have enough time to alter or even edit their prophecy. However, they seem to be more practical or rather astronomical!

Their explanation is in 2012 the Milky Way galaxy will assume a rare alignment which occurs once in about 25,000 years. And that may cause a shift in magnetic poles, which in turn will affect weather patterns.
There are other groups who associate this shift with the inner self… of spiritual awareness or consciousness.

Then we have the ever-potenet Research Sect suggesting the Sun will release solar flares disrupting life on planet Earth, which they themselves say is not unusual.   

Any proof. Well, wait and watch. As for Family Radio and Mayan prophecies, pick up their respective books and decipher the so-called hints. That is if you care.

Remember the Millennium talk in the last quarter of 1999? Of how the computers would go blank and the self-prophesied geeks going crazy taking back-ups of stored data because they thought many computers wouldn’t know what the year 00 would be? What happened? People ushered in the New Year rather the New Millennium and logged in to send greetings. 

Similarly, last month the tale going around was that of the Supermoon. When the Japanese were struggling to cope up with the devastation, astronomical fanatics were debating their assumptions of how the Supermoon was the cause of the killer tsunami. If it was a coincidence that the earlier tsunami in 2004 was close to one such Supermoon, then we need to wait at least two decades to prove it. As astronomers say such a phenomenon will occur only after about 18-odd years.

So let’s wait for at least two more decades to see if another killer tsunami will follow a quake which in turn will follow closely or precede the Supermoon or choose to go tangent. This will also buy us time to check on the Mayans, the Campings, spiritual leaders and any other sect who would want to join in the melee.

The more the participants the more the theories that will unfold and even more the confusion that will ensue. And the more the consfusion the better the reason to live – don’t we wake up each morning with a purpose of proving another wrong?

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