It’s time baby boomers moved on

It’s time baby boomers moved on

Latest survey doing rounds on the net (OMG! why am I mentioning where…Old habits hanging on) say baby boomers aren’t optimistic about the prospects of their own

Now let me get this right. A baby boomer is a person who was born immediately after
the Second World War, ie, all those born in 1950s and early 60s. Hey, I’ve got a
new name for my parents…let that be.

Apparently the survey has found that majority of these boomers are unhappy today
because their expectations as teenagers have not yet been achieved. And wanna know
what their expectations were?

Thirty per cent thought flying cars would be a reality; 23% expected human robots
to be common by the time they retire; 40% expectd a cure for cancer; 21% believed
poverty and hunger would be eliminated…Gosh, how foolish!

Guess it’s not their fault. ‘Cos their parents would have been busy fighting, no
not the war, I know, its after-effects and so probably would not have been in the
right frame of mind while creating them. Imagine the anxiety and confusion of
grandpas and grandmas becoming a source of income for 21st century employees! Need
to unravel this one…but later.

Who, in the first place, asked these boomers to let their imagination run riot?
Worse still hold on to them for six long decades and expect youth of today to
postpone their career plans for them? Now I understand why they are called the
self-indulgent generation.

Cooked up crazy ideas in their heads and waited for decades to see them
materialise. Weren’t they told teenage is the craziest of periods in one’s life?

But yes, I need to be fair…18% of them expected an end to war. Which war? Did
they foresee (given that the mentioned survey was conducted in the US) all the wars
that followed in other continents subsequent to the World War II? If so, let’s ask
them about the next one…I need to have my bag ready.

Genes progenerate… Did I read something about it somewhere? I’ll look up this
one, definitely.

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