It’s not your clothes, but people who define you!

It’s not your clothes, but people who define you!

It is not the clothes that define you, rather the people whom you hang around with.

Choose your inner circle of friends judiciously. You are the average of the five people whom you spend the most time with. Hang around with like-minded people. Not necessarily those whom you agree with, but those who nurture similar burning desires like you have.

Humans are one complicated and mysterious lot. Each one comes with his/her own fine print. And let’s accept the fact that no one is entirely bad or entirely good. We are all shades of grey, only that some have certain dominant characteristics that can unsettle and derail you.

So be cautious of these kinds of people…

The Naysayers:

Those who can never see anything positive in any situation and any individual. The moment you speak of an idea, they will list out all the possible permutations and combinations that can go wrong, even when deep down in their hearts they know it will work alright. They simply take pleasure in not letting others hear good.

You will never make progress if you are surrounded by them. However, you can easily walk away from them. They couldn’t care less.

The Pessimist:

They are one step ahead of the naysayers. They are strong believers of everything negative. And they apply it to themselves as well. They cannot see positive in anything. They are driven by doubts and fear.

You will be drained of energy if you are with them. Walking away is you choice and its easy as pessimists are too scared to follow you.

The Narcissist:

This is the tricky breed. You can never tell them outright. Because they are real charmers. They will befriend you, compliment you, drool all over you and take you inside their palms, so much so you confess that they are the most inspiring of people you have ever seen. And that is exactly what they are looking for – someone to stoke their ego. Then they are set – they only talk about their likes, their accomplishments, their opinion only matters. They can snub you with such ease that you feel guilty for being you.

You will be left with no self-esteem and confidence if you let them into your Universe. And this is one breed that is difficult to break free from. They will never let go off you easily, because they need you to keep their ego afloat.

Full-of-Themselves Type:

Similar to Narcissists but are ruder. They do not play the warming up game like the above. They are in-your-face types. You can tell them in the very first encounter itself. They simply know it all. They consider themselves God’s gift to mankind.

If you have them in your circle, only you are to be blamed, because these people couldn’t care who are around them.

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