Invisible but irresistible

Invisible but irresistible

Thought long and hard…what should my first post be? If I am to address netizens, I don’t know their language; if I am to communicate with journos then I better log off; if I am to share my daily diary in here, sorry I don’t believe in public nudity!

I will be me.

Yes, whenever I get that irresistible feel, or see that invisible call and putting them down becomes inevitable…I’ll sign in.

It took me ages (by tech standards) to realise blogging is not notorious a stimulation.

So I’m fearlessly making this the courtyard of my dreams, to help you take a peek into my heart and hear that tinkling voice ring inside you!

But I will be me. Always. So if the tinkling, at times, seems to be loud rattle then just plug your ears and continue reading…

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