I want to hide my face from Facebook

September 9, 2013

Mir, 2nd from left at the launch
[Wishing my friend Mir – a humble soul – many, many, many more books…and films and musicals and screenplays and theatre and…he never fails to surprise me. So let me play safe…Here’s wishing you all the best for all your dreams Mir!]
Well, I was invited to speak at this event and I willing accepted to share Mir’s joy. It was fun. A wonderful evening spending time with some creative people…actors, singer and designers among them. Feel blessed. 
But, dear blog friends, knowing myself well, before retiring for the night, I did ask my trusted heart ‘how come I carried myself with such unadulterated élan?’
And lo! I woke up to chew my nails. 
I met this lovely lady and instantly took a liking to her. With her cheerful disposition she couldn’t be missed anyway. First I noticed her adjusting her stole as I hugged myself. After a while she repeated her act and we smiled at each other. Because I was now squeezing myself harder to keep my chilling bones warm. A merciless A/C also helps break the ice! I learnt.
Shortly thereafter I learnt she was my co-speaker. With rapt attention I listened to her. Her passionate call to embrace nature to create self-awareness was, I thought, a unique thought. My restless mind, however, wandered to phrase her thought thus – ‘Nature helps cover your nudity!’ [More on why I thought so later].
Well, after delivering our respective duties, we sat talking and sharing our interests. Some mutual and some distant. We exchanged a few numbers and ids and more camaraderie and bid goodbye with a promise of meeting up after a sumptuous spoon n fork-licking dinner.
This morning, my lady friend was smiling at me from my Facebook page. Idiotic me, I first smiled back. And then realized, how come she’s on my page. When did I add her on my friends’ list? I shook my sleepy brains awake and asked the query several times over before my eyes did its job better. [Having four eyes do help. The first time in a month I’m happy to have sported glasses]. 
What my eyes discovered made me take my palms to lift my dropped jaw back in place. She’s been communicating with me for a few months now. I’ve cherished some of her comments on my blogposts, too. 
I sent her a sheepish message…and sat to write this to relieve myself of the shame!
PS: She sent me a few smileys in return!

Nisha Sanjeev

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