I love myself

I love myself

Here I am testing my clarity on X-Mas eve…

It’s two-and-a-half-hours past midnight. Do I call it the wee hours of December 27th or late 26th? I’m not gonna nuts seeking clarity about something that a good sleep can’t fix.

That’s what I did a good part of the year – which is fast chuckling its way about after having successfully left a few more grays on my scalp, than I would like. So, one last time this year, I ponder wide awake…

I state, ‘I have NO regrets’. Categorically. I loved 2013. Yes. I loved this year as much as I loved 2012. Actually more… I guess…there I go again. Sigh?

Clarity, my friend says, is a Gemini peeve. I’d defend with all my might and call it a virtue of the twins. But… honestly, it sucks. Because, that’s exactly why I can’t say for sure if the previous year was better than this but am, nevertheless, damn certain of the coming year to be better – nope the best. This positivity, but indeed, is a Gemini virtue.

Or so I would love to believe, until the determined twin peeps up to remind me of her presence, pushing me behind her shadow.

Shady she! NOT me!Like all these past years, my progress stopped with this argument.

That’s when I was hustled down and explained  “intent, desire and effort is needed to overcome the manipulative twin”. I howled and screamed in desperation, then tired of the drama I mellowed down and pleaded until I was finally guided to meditate to calm the misleading creep.

This night as I prepare to bid farewell to 2013, I say, “So be it!” I am ME. On my way. Here I go…  success along. She can join me, if she so desires.

At 2.30am as I sign off for the year, I am clear that my new day has begun, as much as I am clear that my previous day has not ended either.

That’s life. Every new beginning stems from the seed of the past. So now having admitted thus, I must confess, I have no pans of leaving my twin behind, because it is she who makes me ME.

I love her. I love myself. I’m blessed. Thank you to the Divine for who I am.

Wishing all of you a healthy, joyful & successful 2014!



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