How to save your jobs and titles

How to save your jobs and titles

For a little over four decades I had socially-accepted designations of pride – from being a good student to being a journalist!

When I chose not to work for others and instead start living my passion, I found people around uncomfortable with my ‘job description’. Passionpreneur is a new term to most.

“What do you do?” I am asked.

I reply: “Loving life.” People are perplexed.

Their next query is one of the below…

“So, enjoying, yea, watching TV, shopping, cooking…”

“So, how do you keep yourself occupied?”

[For the record, I don’t know what ‘shopping spree’ means. Have never indulged in one. I watch a movie on TV every weekend over dinner with my two munchkins – that’s been our family ritual. Cooking, I’ve have always been lousy at and have no intentions to better my skills.]

Well, some are quick to correct themselves. They ask, “I mean, what do you do for a living?”
“Teaching others to love their life!”

My question to all of you reading this is, “why is it so difficult to say you love life.”
All your designations, hard-earned and those bestowed are just that – names and titles that can be stripped off. The happiness they offer are not only limited but transient.

The titles and jobs do not hold your life. It is your life that holds your jobs and titles. Only if you are healthy and sound and capable and efficient will your job and title aid you.

One sure way of staying healthy is by loving life. By being in love so much that living your life becomes your passion. Once you start loving life, no odds will be odds enough for you to complain. No obstacle will be obstacle enough for you to stop.

And what better way that saying it aloud whenever you get a chance. The Universe listens to your vibrations and supports you. And when the Universe decides to support you, boy! you have arrived! It will automatically transmute into all areas of your life, including your jobs and titles.

Once, you start loving your life as is NOW, you will have the verve to excel in your jobs, and if you’ve been cribbing about it, then you will find yourself having the courage to quit and seek that which satisfies you.

Love yourself now. Love all that you have now. Love your current situation. Love the place you stay in. Love the country you reside in. Love the people around you. Love the food you eat. Love the time you get…Simply start loving your existence!

Practise saying “I am loving life”!


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About the author

Nisha Sanjeev, is a author of two books, who traded 20 years of journalism to live her passion of helping others create the life they desire. When professional success failed to inspire her, convinced that there must be more to life than that, Nisha set out on her self-discovery in 2010. She unleashed her true identity following an arduous personal journey to overcome timidity and lack of self-worth. Years of studying and mentoring by masters have enabled her to have a distinctive outlook to life. She uses this distinctive view to help others.

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