How to remove money blocks and attract abundance

How to remove money blocks and attract abundance

Money is FREEDOM energy. Money gives you FREEDOM of choice. That is the truth.

So if money is something you struggle with in life, then you need to analyze your beliefs.

Here are 3 important questions to ask yourself. Answer them honestly, without judgement.

  1. Do you blame your parents & upbringing for your financial status?

How often have you settled for less, given up without effort, just because your parents were not ‘rich’, and you believe your destiny would be something similar.

Do you despise well-to-do people’s activities? When you see kids from wealthy family misbehaving do you blame it on their parents’ riches and their wealthy upbringing?

Now, think of this…

With the above belief if you pray for money, do your affirmations, visualizations, follow all law of attraction tools and put in the effort, your financial status will not improve to your satisfaction because what you FEEL about money is NOT the same as what you are ASKING for.

You attract ONLY WHAT YOU FEEL because what you feel is WHAT YOU ARE because energy is everything and everything is energy,

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2. Do you believe money in dirty – literally and figuratively?

Do you believe money is the root cause for evil? Or if you have a lot of money then you may fall ill? Do you blame politicians for looting and filling their coffers? Do you comment about how money corrupts people?

Now, think of this…

You may attract lots of money with your hard work. But it will neither serve you nor make you happier because what you FEEL is money corrupts and it is evil. And with this feeling, the abundance that came your way will not last with you.

3. Do you respect money?

How do you maintain your wallet and purse? How well organized is it? Do you have medicines and bills and lipsticks in your wallet? How often do you dust and clean your purse?

Now, think of this….

Money is energy. If your purse is messy, the signal you are sending to the Universe is just that – You are okay with the ‘mess’ in your life. Similarly, what you store in your wallet matters. Bills hold low-vibrating energy. Store late-paying bills elsewhere, never in your purse. Medicines signify ill-health. Store it elsewhere.

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Nisha Sanjeev, is a Transformation Strategist specializing in Practical Spirituality. She brings her real world experience of being a Journalist for over 20 years and her learnings from Spiritual Masters to her signature courses. Nisha is on a mission to help transform people, especially women, to love and respect themselves and create the life of freedom.
She is the author of 2 books. First book ‘Anamica’ details how an Indian girl goes into the verge of depression by sacrificing her self-worth and desires to live for others.
‘Step Out ‘n’ Step It Up’details how one can tap into their Inner Power to create the life they so desire.
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