How to overcome fear of the current world scenario

How to overcome fear of the current world scenario

Fear arises when the mind cannot process what is happening to you…

Be it sending back children to school. Or the economies sliding. Or the governments not being supportive, racism, job losses…name it. No conversation today is complete without a sigh and a gasp and a statement of helplessness or resignation.

What triggers fear? Where does it come from?

Fear arises when the mind cannot process what is happening to you.

For example, you are driving and a motorist overtakes you from the wrong side, catching you unawares, almost missing an accident. What happens. Your heart races, slams the break, you go blank. You had a narrow escape. But then, soon you calm, because your mind takes control. It knows what to do next.

The other day, I was in the elevator and it shook violently and stopped. I was scared for a few moments. Banging on the door, heart racing, breathing hard.  But quickly, my mind took control. I rang the emergency bell. I had my mobile. Made calls to the security…

You know what I am getting at…

Fear consumes you when your mind does not know what to do. And that’s what’s happening now. Covid-19 is an unprecedent incident. There is no fine print available, no users’ manual available, on how we need to behave and wade through the aftermath. There is answer no on Google, either. Our school and university teachers do not know. Nor do our political leaders.

So there is no knowledge available out there for our minds to use.

There is only wisdom available. And most of us are not tuned to tap into that  wisdom.


Because we are used to living a SLEF-Aligned Life. We use information fed to us. Use our 5 senses to read, see, learn. But our ability is confined to 180 degree vision. Left to right – the horizontal existence, what I call it. There is only that much we can understand, isn’t it.

We need to learn how to live a SOUL-Aligned Life. The vertical dimension. The Transcendent dimension. Then we will get a 360 degree view of our life.

And it’s in the alignment of both levels – when we are Soul-Aligned and Self-aligned that we can ‘KNOW’ things that we cannot know using only our five senses.

Intuition, some call it.

It comes down vertically. And then you apply it for your horizontal existence.

So, Surrender my dear friends.

Learn to Surrender. Learn to listen to your higher self. Learn to use the wisdom.

Wisdom can guide you, reassure you, empower you.

Then you use that wisdom to feed your MIND. And your mind will process that wisdom and calm you down. Until then, you will be triggered by the smallest of news.

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