How to manifest miracles in your life

How to manifest miracles in your life

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Miracles. We’ve all heard of it and we’ve all at one point or the other in our lives have yearned for some miracles.

But most often, in our daily rush to survive, we miss seeing the miracles. Even if we do, we often do not acknowledge them as miracles. The most common reason, other than ignorance, being comparison.

We see someone else having something that we have long been desiring and dissect and decipher their footsteps to conclude that we aren’t experiencing any miracles.

There are several others who think miracles are confined to nature or at best babies [haven’t you heard people exclaim?] Well, Mother Nature, indeed, is the biggest miracle, but how many will stop by to smell the roses and wonder about the miracle on their path?

There are yet some among us who believe miracles are something that will one fine moment fall into their laps out of the blue, without them having to move as much as their pinkie, solving all their issues.

There is yet another misplaced belief that miracles happen to only those who are lucky, who are fortunate.

The very fact that we are alive and kicking is proof enough of our fortune and luck!

You just need to open your eyes and clear your ears and be aware to see the miracles. The driver who stops the car for you to cross the street, while you are rushing to reach office on time, is a miracle. [what if he ran over you?]

A friend calling to check on you is a miracle. [what if you had no one to speak to?]

A child asking to be hugged is a miracle. [what if no one loved you?]

A partner who waits dinner for you is a miracle. [what if your spouse/partner is insensitive?]

A client who buys your products is a miracle. [what if you had no clients?]

A flight that lands safely is a miracle. [what’s the guarantee when you board that you will reach your destination?]

A video or quote that pops up on your screen is a miracle [what if you had to pay to read such inspiration every day?]

Rains and winds and heat and floods, et al are miracles [what if we had no seasons?]

Begin acknowledging these every day MIRACLES. Say a silent thank you to the Universe, the Divine for showering upon you the numerous miracles in a single day.

And wait and watch how ‘BRIGHTER MIRACLES’ that you’ve always yearned for will manifest!

Only if we are grateful for what we already have, will we be bestowed with more of what we need.
Thank you for stopping by to read this! You are my miracle!

God Bless!

About the author
Nisha Sanjeev is a author of two books, who traded 20 years of journalism to live her passion of helping others create the life they desire. When professional success failed to inspire her, convinced that there must be more to life than that, Nisha set out on her self-discovery in 2010. She unleashed her true identity following an arduous personal journey to overcome timidity and lack of self-worth. Years of studying and mentoring by masters have enabled her to have a distinctive outlook to life. She uses this distinctive view to help others.

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