How to identify toxic people – 10 traits

How to identify toxic people – 10 traits

1. They are overtly sweet talkers. The moment they befriend you, they ask for favours.

2. They are temperamental. They act poised and confident, but when they are in danger they will not hesitate to use you as their emotional toilet

3. They are gas lighters. They cannot stand to see you being praised or winning. They will go any length to soil your name.

4. They are manipulators. They can emotionally blackmail you into making you do things in their favor.

5. They are arrogant. But they are so skilled at camouflaging that as attitude and like a piedpipper will have you follow them.

6. They are dishonest. But they will never get caught. And in the event you confront them, they will blame it on you.

7. They will never apologize. And in the odd event they do, they will ensure you feel guilty for having brought the topic up.

8. They never listen to you. If you get into the flow of speaking, they will act bored or change the topic and quickly call for others attention towards them.

9. They will feign concern for you. They will promise the moon for you [if they feel you are going away from their grip]. But when you really need them they will never show up.

10. They are inconsistent. They opinions, plans, preferences…everything changes without a hint or reason.


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