How to identify the right mentor

How to identify the right mentor

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have mentors. At least one. To lead you, guide you, correct you, listen to you, understand you, instill that belief in you, rekindle that confidence in you…to help you discover your purpose and live your life to the fullest.

So how do you get one? Unfortunately they aren’t available on the market. Don’t blindly trust all those who exhibit themselves out there. Use your gut instincts. You’ll feel it. And feel it freaking hard.

Mentors will make you uncomfortable. They will force you to acknowledge everything that you have hitherto being running away from.

Now, here you need to exercise caution. Not all those who shake you up do it with the right intention. So, wait a bit before you surrender to them. If the mentoring takes on a bullying format, steer clear right away. They are NOT mentors, rather sadists satisfying themselves.

Mentors will inspire you like an inferno – fill you up with such a burning desire that you will jump into taking massive action.

Mentors will listen to you with a compassionate ear and fuel you up with the energy needed to redirect yourself.

Mentors will not hold you by your pinkie at all times, they will give you the space and not breathe down your neck, they will allow you to discover yourself.

Mentors are path-breakers who will clear your vision to find your own path.

We all need one. All those who aspire to become someone, all those who yearn to make this life worth living ought to have mentors.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that we do not know everything. No matter how many University degrees you posses and no matter how long you have existed on this planet, you would not have made all the mistakes and gained all the experiences needed to become a New You!

No successful individual or a great leader has achieved the pinnacle without a mentor.

I am blessed to have awesome mentors, who keep me grounded when I go astray with elation; who advice me when I’m lost; who laud me when I perform; who inspire me and keep me motivated to Think Big; who ruthlessly nips in the bud any trace of negativity they see in me!

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