How I overcame bullying at workplace and triumphed

How I overcame bullying at workplace and triumphed

When I got an opportunity to work as a sub-editor at the region’s leading English daily, I was over the moon. My colleagues were friendly and my Editor was a thorough professional. He trusted me with pages right from the first week and sent me on reporting assignments, too. It was great. That was one of the best phases of my professional life.

Alas! a few months later, my Editor had to leave. The new Editor made it her mission to humiliate me at every given opportunity and that meant, every time I made a page or edited a story,

Not a single headline of mine was approved by her in the three years I worked with her. My pages when returned had more red marks than black print.

What hurt me the most, and shattered my confidence was the fact that she could never come up with a better headline herself. Instead, she asked one of my colleagues to do it or called her friends up, read them the story over the phone, and slammed the page on my desk.

By the end of three years my confidence had dipped so low that I had given up writing poems, too. Something I enjoyed doing since my teen years, because I could not believe in myself – in my ideas, in my language, in my narrative.

Working my way up from there was an uphill task, but I did it.

I started working on my energy, I changed my day-time company and spent time with people who wished well for me, I sharpened my craft…

Four years after I left her team, I wrote and published my first book!!!!

Here’s the video, I’ve created for you….

Now, I am on a mission to help all of you who have dreams and desires and have been struggling to fulfil them.

You ought to take as many practical steps as possible to fulfil your dreams – learn new skills, network, sharpen your craft etc. But to be successful you need something more – some call in grace, some call it luck, yet others call it ‘being in the right place at the right time’ or ‘when opportunity meets hard work’, etc. So, how do you attract this latter factor?

I am here to help you in that… Join me for the FREE masterclass on November 28th, at 4pm UAE time to learn the secrets of Attractor factors..



About Nisha Sanjeev

Nisha is a Transformation Strategist specializing in Practical Spirituality. She is an author, speaker and healer on a mission to help women thrive in their power, gain the credibility they deserve to have a fulfilling career as professionals and homemakers and creating the life they desire.

She brings her real world experience of being a Journalist for over 20 years and her learnings from Spiritual Masters to her signature courses.

She is the author of 2 books. First book ‘Anamica’ details how an Indian girl goes into the verge of depression by sacrificing her self-worth and desires to live for others.
‘Step Out ‘n’ Step It Up’ details how one can tap into their Inner Power to create the life they so desire.
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