How I love him!

How I love him!

I thought long and hard if I should write this here rather in my diary, just for my eyes. At last I decided to post it. Because I owe it to him. To the only soul who has understood me!
It’s two years since I realised my dream of holding my first book – Anamica. Like any writer, I had yearned for reviews, for feedback, for reaction… and more.
I distributed books free. I gave it to all who as much as gave half-an-ear to hear me say that I am published. From family, relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, celebrities, neighbours to total strangers…I gave them all. 

One of my friends said: “I should attempt writing plays.”

Another friend said: “I should concentrate on poetry.”

Yet another said: “I should write children’s book.”

One senior colleague said: “It’s frivolous.”

Another ex-colleague said: “It’s sarcasm at its best.”

An acquaintance said: “Typical middle-class stuff.”

A cousin said: “I didn’t understand.”

My editor said: “Become a life coach.”

And so on… Majority of those who gave their opinion had not read until the end. Some just a few chapters. [How do I know? Well, I know my work].

Most of the others [including those who pestered me for a copy] chose to disappear and ignore after receiving one. 

But for one person.Geoff Thompson!

Geoff Thompson – My mentor and inspiration
An author of 40 books and multi-award winning films, a celebrity in his own right, he need not have bothered to reply to an obscure fan from across the miles.
That he had read each page before ringing me up from London that April afternoon in 2012, was evident from the conversation we had. When he said, “Your book made me cry,” I choked. And when he asked, “When will you make up your mind…?” I couldn’t control myself. After 20 minutes, when he wound up saying, “You will get there…” and gave me tips,I had to hold on for support.   
The trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams of the protagonist in the book are mine. ‘Anamica’ is my life journey of three decades. None saw it. Because I never mentioned it.
But there he was, my man, how I love him! Am blessed to have him as my mentor, my inspiration.
This anniversary month, when I received a mail from him with the words “Blessings lady”… I couldn’t help rewind and ponder… Am I a good writer that I can create a make-belief world and hide behind my words Or am I so hopeless that I can’t get across my idea Or am I being too ambitious for my own good…

To all those who have scrolled down until this word… THANK YOU!
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