How do you feel about Mr Serpent’s entry?

How do you feel about Mr Serpent’s entry?

The serpent tamer’s powers have got astrologers as well as astronomers across
the world up in arms. In their desperation to defend themselves they have only
added to the cosmic clutter and banter leaving all those always-practical-
yet-a-bit-superstitious-at-all-times-mortals more confused about their beliefs.

If you are wondering what I’m speaking of, it’s the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, which
has now seemingly surfaced somewhere on the horizon. The Babylonians had thrown
it far away but seems like the serpent has managed to crawl through the centuries and
at last peep into the 21st one. It is said they wanted only 12 signs to match the 12
months of a year. Fair enough!

But then the moon wanted to make its presence felt. Whoever said ego dwells
only in humans! If astronomers from the Minnesota Planetarium Society are to
be believed then due to the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, the alignment
of the stars has been pushed by about a month. That leaves a creek just wide
enough for the serpent to creep in, shoving up all others, lest it crawls up
your leg.

Until now I had thought most Asians would stay put for they believe in horoscopes –
calculated by the position of planets and stars at the time of  birth, and that the
stampede would be concentrated only in the West. But I now hear some western
astrologers have been using tropical zodiac, which is based on seasons. So why this
hue and cry? Let anyone walk in to sqaut or snore.

It’s been more than a month since Mr Serpent (this is how I prefer calling the so-called
13th zodiac sign simply because I cannot pronounce Ophiuchus) was introduced and
most of us feel the same as we felt prior to his entry. But if any of you feel any
different then I suggest you look up how you are placed rather than where. Just
because someone says you’re no more what you thought you were and so you feel
wierd or elated or depressed, then you need a thorough look-up anyways.

On th brighter side, at least now you have a choice to choose your sign. Select the one
that makes you feel good on a particular day and go about your activities…this is
called taking destiny in your hands – and you gradually learn to become more practical
in life, too.

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