Here’s how to check if you are independent?

Here’s how to check if you are independent?

Being independent is the ultimate empowerment.

We are brought up on the importance of being financially independent. However, little do people understand that working for someone, or being employed, is inter-dependence. Because you are ‘DEPENDENT’ on them for whatever that is you are seeking. Yes, you will be definitely using your skills, intelligence, energy, time…so be it. It’s all good. However, your so-called independence will be lost the moment you are given the sack.

Now, consider the next scenario. You are self-employed, an entrepreneur, earning your own keep, not liable to anyone. You are your own boss. Yes, you are independent, in this case. However, pause and ask yourself. Do you have it in you to stand stoic when the tides turn against you, when you face the dumps. Are you at all times, on all days, at all hours, during all situations and seasons and conditions stable – emotionally, energetically and mentally?
If you buckle, wallow and wither away during crisis you are NOT independent.

True independence is when you are dependent ‘WITHIN’, inside of you! IN-DEPENDENT. When you are dependent on your INNER SELF, your HIGHER SELF! That is TRUE Independence.

Once you learn to dependent ONLY on your HIGHER SELF, you are liberated.

When you are habited to relying ONLY on your inner self, lack of support from outer source – be that anyone, it could be your partners, friends, colleagues, mentors or unexpected failures or sore situations, NOTHING will matter.

Forgiving will become your second nature, because you are NOT dependent on anyone; because you do not expect anything from anyone. It’s always all good. Forgiving is the first step towards liberation. And when you function from that space, magically, everything begins to work in your favour!

So learn to be IN-DEPENDENT.

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