Gen Next kids…funky, sassy, mini-adults with touching sickness!

Gen Next kids…funky, sassy, mini-adults with touching sickness!

[This appeared in today’s The Financial World]

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I have worked with four generations – the baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and the current Gen Z or more popularly called the Gen Next.
Looking at them through the present-day lens, I find the Rock n Roll Boomers the ‘boastful types’. But if you cultivate the patience to let them tell their story first, rest assured you can count on their support. And you know how their stories begin? “In 1961 when I was with…”
The Gen X is the ‘I-told-you-so types’. Most of them are self-made men who woke up to seeing a rising women force. You can count on their support, too, provided you live through their opening lecture. “In our days, we never had such…”.
The Gen Y is the ‘in-the-fast-lane types’. Born in the digital age, they will not hesitate to call their twin, old generation.
Now, coming to Gen Z, I’m lost for a description. The more I try understanding them, the more they confuse me. And the least I try analyzing them, the more fun they are to be with.

No conundrums here. Think of this. Until a couple of years ago, dudes were restricted to alpha males. Today, even girls as young as eight love to play dude.

These miniature models are anything but fastidious in their manner.

‘Just chill, I’ll do it!’ [When reminded its study time]

‘You guys carry on!’ [When asked to go out with parents]

‘What the heck!’ [When the TV was switched off, mid-programme]

These are common exclamatory responses to any parental communication. If you are wary of which ceiling they will break when in their own company, you just have to sneak into their space.

‘What man! Even I did not finish the project. BTW, many will not do. You see otherwise.’

‘O God! Your hair is so wet! You had head bath morning, morning?’

‘Ee, you are so dirty. Drinking water with your mouth!’

‘Don’t act like a queen. It’s nice, take a bite. I have no touching sickness!’

At each instance, by the time we hold our belly and restrict the urge to scoop them up, they turn adults.

‘So mom, tell me how was your day in office today? ‘

‘I’m selected for the choir. The full-sleeve shirt I’ll borrow from my friend. Why buy just for one day.’

‘You can give me toast for dinner. You take rest for some time more.’
And just when your heart aches, there they roll…
‘Dad works so hard. Not like you updating Facebook in office and saying you are tired.’

‘Wear that orange dress when you come for the art exhibition, okay. My friends will see you.’

Guess, that’s why they are also called  Gen Next! You can never be sure of what they come up with next. Lol! 

PS: Must roll over and check if lols are outdated, now that I’ve learnt to use it!

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