How to know you are suffering from FOMO?

How to know you are suffering from FOMO?

Are you over-working, over-committing, over-efforting?

Are you a professional who feels you cannot show your sincerity, honesty, hard work because you are forced to work from home now? And therefore, end up working longer than your normal duty hours?

Most often people with Fomo fear if they do not over-do it , they may miss out on those brownie points or that validation or that pat on the back…

Are you a homemaker who have to multi-task and micro-manage everything and everybody from kids to spouses to pets and garden? And therefore, feel exhausted and drained of energy by end of day, but you still take pride that you ‘accomplished’ everything?

Pause and think and ask yourself, why are you doing so?

Most often those of you who over-work and over-commit are doing so because you are not aware of your hidden fears and if you are then you have not yet addressed them.

You FEAR if you do not over-do it , you may miss out on those brownie points or that validation or that pat on the back…

You FEAR if you do not take care of everything and everybody, then you may end up feeling guilty or you believe being a homemaker, it is your duty to be everywhere no matter how the situations and nature of tasks have changed. You believe you are not good enough, if you cannot ‘accomplish’ everything.


The root cause for Fomo [Fear of Missing Out] and Guilt is FEAR.

And FEAR is the lowest vibrating energy space. When you are working from such a low vibrating space, no matter what you do and how best you do it, the results can NEVER serve you.

Simply because you are doing it for an external source – to seek happiness, satisfaction from an external element.

Blurring Boundaries

When you work from a space of low vibration [fear], you are blurring boundaries. Which means, because you are doing a task/s to keep someone other than you happy, once you ‘achieve’ that, the next person, then the next and so on, people will call you out for help. And you will continue helping others, not because you are happy doing it or you want to do it, but because you are now in a make-belief world of FAKE accomplishment and pride.

Blurring boundaries will make you a PEOPLE PLEASER.

People pleasers move away from their authentic self. They are no more aligned with their soul’s purpose or desires. Then no amount of law of attraction practices and tools can help you ‘achieve’ your desire life.

So, when you catch yourself going down the rabbit hole of Fomo or guilt, pause, check, and take a break. Learn to relax.

People with Fomo and Guilt also consider it punishing to relax.

Relax, indulge in something you love.

Give your SOUL the space to express itself!

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