Express your raw feelings and lol!

Express your raw feelings and lol!

Tired of seeing ‘lol’ on Facebook. I’m given to understand it stands for ‘laugh out loud’ or even ‘lots of laugh’. Or ‘lots of love’? But of late, every tom, dick and harry who cares to post anything signs off with the acronym. Leaving hard-to-crack techies like me grappling to decipher the e-lingo, wondering what the collection of letters actually mean. Is it something that can be used instead of a period. A FB-style fullstop or exclamation? If then it requires a capital LOL!

Anyways, to make lives of us differently-abled FB users a little easy, I’ve thought of a few abbreviations or acronyms that can be used liberally in various contexts, where you don’t have to laugh or love but express your raw feelings.

FB has given birth to a crop of philosophers and positive thinkers (let’s not discuss what they really think, lol!). But if you have to post modest replies to the brain teasers then try these. Hoa (hats off Aristotle); hos (hats off  Socrates); or simply ttl (toast to the lines); Or if you feel it’s getting overboard then try smp (spare me please). Can’t fathom what reactions these will evoke from the new-generation thinkers, but the great men will be turning in their graves now.

If in your zest to announce to the cyber world something of great importance (or so only you believe), you make a mistake and sincerely wanna hide under the dark corners of your bed but have gotten used to singing off meekly with a smiley face and a lol! then here are your choices. omg…fmp (Oh my god, forgive me please) with or without the OMG; waf (What a fool); stf (slip through fingers); gmm (geniuses make mistakes). My personal vote for the last one.

You definitely can’t ignore the photo maniacs. Lovely pictures, pretty pix, nice one, you look different, younger, thinner, smarter…and all other er…rs.  lol! I’ll be slapped. Now that’s FB! Post anything and hide behind a smiley or abbreviation… YLG lol! (you look great and then laugh out loud); Now if the owner is smart enough to read it in one breath and understands and posts a nasty reply then jjb (just joking beautiful). If they, however, continue to be in your face then bts (beautiful thick skin); pim (portfolio in making). I’ll prefer the first, with or without the lol, as situation demands.

For self promoters who use the platform to boost their activities and if you find it useful you might want to say tfi (thanks for the info); ayg (admire your guts); a compliment such as neop (neighbours envy owners’ pride… remember the Onida monster); but if they become a nuisance like an everyday affair then try siyn! (shove it up your nose). I prefer the last if pushed against the wall, also because you can literally sing lol!

To all those cyber voyeurs who do not understand the importance of networking and rather log on to feast, try out ccl (couldn’t care less); bwy (better without you); wya (whoever you are); igb (I’m impressed, gimme a break). Add smart emoticons with these; they’ll hit the punch.

Finally those geniune networkers who sincerely seek to stay connected and widen their web of friendship… well lol with them.

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